Monday, December 18, 2006

well i am sorta new at this. i have a myspace so i will mostly be putting videos i make on here.
i have some halo movies that are in the process of being filmed.

one is called apacolypse
it is about a world war every country is trying to take the last part of land that is not been taken my the revived Soviet Union. It is also about a soviet union soldier and an american soldier and how they have a lot in common. here is a preview i made using battlefield 2 clips of me and my friend, and the intro. i also added in the music and sound.
click here
maybe this will work

another is a montage preview i made to make fun of hardcore halo players. You have to know what a noob is to understand this. what makes this really funny is that I making really easy kills and making a big deal about it. lol
click here

in the corner is a picture of a LAN party at my house one day. everybody brought a T.V and it was perfect