Thursday, March 6, 2008


so i was signing up for classes to take next year at my school ( i know, I am already almost done with 10th grade) and I saw an animation class. I went to the teacher who was gonna teach the class and he said he has never used flash that much, and put that on the list to see who all would want to take the class, and cuz the school is getting flash next year. Now the guy who was going to teach it actually teaches a whole bunch of other media classes like journalism and is head of the year book staff and stuff like that, so he told me to sign up for one of his other classes, and he will just let me mess around with flash, and that there were other kids that knew how to use it well and would teach me. IM SOOO EXCITED!! I have had flash on my comp. forever and have never been able make anything that great. So hopefully next year my animations will launch off.