Saturday, February 16, 2008

what i'm working on

I realized that I have never talked about the productions and stuff me and my friends are doing, so here they are

the classroom- This is like the office, but in a classroom setting with kids. It will have the same kind of humor and camera documentary kind of thig like "the office" , but will be more related to high school. Me and one of my friends wrote the script and I have who is going to play what. I am just waiting for a day when everyone is free. I probably won't start filming until the summer

Amish Astronauts: Silver fox trot- this is a cd me and 3 of my friends are working on. It is a cd with real music that we made! wow! It started when I just made up this one song called "buttermilk" off the top of my head and put it on the internet. A lot of the kids at my school heard it and thought it was hilarious, so I decided to make a cd. I have made five songs, but I dont want to release the cd until I get at least ten.

The Amish Astronaut- This is a cartoon show that I always wanted to make. I have some really good ideas about what I could do, and some of my friends are willing to pitch in for help with animation and voices. I made a little comic about it in art class, but besides that, I havnt done anything :(

here is a pic of the astronaut. My friend made it in photoshop. Also, I really dont know how to spell astronaut. I hope its right!
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Well thats all the stuff goin on

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ugh stats hw

well i cant make this long cuz i got other homework to do (and this is really just something I am doing to stall), but I just wanted to say hey and Welcome back Ryan! I think he left to go back home today and will be home tomorrow. Wow I remember when he left I was thinking about how much older I would be when he got back. I was like "oh, man. IM GONNA HAVE MY PERMIT, AND BE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!" haha well life goes fast