Thursday, March 6, 2008


so i was signing up for classes to take next year at my school ( i know, I am already almost done with 10th grade) and I saw an animation class. I went to the teacher who was gonna teach the class and he said he has never used flash that much, and put that on the list to see who all would want to take the class, and cuz the school is getting flash next year. Now the guy who was going to teach it actually teaches a whole bunch of other media classes like journalism and is head of the year book staff and stuff like that, so he told me to sign up for one of his other classes, and he will just let me mess around with flash, and that there were other kids that knew how to use it well and would teach me. IM SOOO EXCITED!! I have had flash on my comp. forever and have never been able make anything that great. So hopefully next year my animations will launch off.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what i'm working on

I realized that I have never talked about the productions and stuff me and my friends are doing, so here they are

the classroom- This is like the office, but in a classroom setting with kids. It will have the same kind of humor and camera documentary kind of thig like "the office" , but will be more related to high school. Me and one of my friends wrote the script and I have who is going to play what. I am just waiting for a day when everyone is free. I probably won't start filming until the summer

Amish Astronauts: Silver fox trot- this is a cd me and 3 of my friends are working on. It is a cd with real music that we made! wow! It started when I just made up this one song called "buttermilk" off the top of my head and put it on the internet. A lot of the kids at my school heard it and thought it was hilarious, so I decided to make a cd. I have made five songs, but I dont want to release the cd until I get at least ten.

The Amish Astronaut- This is a cartoon show that I always wanted to make. I have some really good ideas about what I could do, and some of my friends are willing to pitch in for help with animation and voices. I made a little comic about it in art class, but besides that, I havnt done anything :(

here is a pic of the astronaut. My friend made it in photoshop. Also, I really dont know how to spell astronaut. I hope its right!
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Well thats all the stuff goin on

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ugh stats hw

well i cant make this long cuz i got other homework to do (and this is really just something I am doing to stall), but I just wanted to say hey and Welcome back Ryan! I think he left to go back home today and will be home tomorrow. Wow I remember when he left I was thinking about how much older I would be when he got back. I was like "oh, man. IM GONNA HAVE MY PERMIT, AND BE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!" haha well life goes fast

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

pokemon halo

me and my friend thought of making a pokemon movie on halo. this is the commercial. tell me what you think