Saturday, September 15, 2007

halo 3!!!

this commercial is AMAZING

Friday, July 27, 2007

long time no see

well its been a while. I am in ryan's room right now making sure none of the little kids who are over don't mess with anything. The turtle flipped over while trying to get water and it scared the crap out of me. I ran downstairs screaming "the turtle flipped! what do i do?!" elise just came in and flipped him back over, lol. trying to finish up with my trailer. I am very pleased with it. I made everyone out of circles and squares, and the zombies don't have faces, but it's got movement, and for now that's all that matters. Now i just need to find out how to make text fade in and out...

anyway i got a new computer. its an xps 710. It has 2GB of ram, nvidea gforce 8600, and a liquid cooling system. It cost about $1,800, but dell has a thing where you can pay it off monthly. so I actually pay just $50 a month for now, and when i get a job (which better be soon) I will be paying a lot more.

Some of my friends say its a waste and I could have just gotten a 360, but this comp. has so much more and I could just add on to it in the future. So I will pretty much never need to depend on systems until i am pretty much 40, and then i could still use it to play classics. Idk, i got in a big fight with one of them and he made me really pissed. He bought a mac for $3,000 and since you cant change out graphic cards and things like that with macs, he got the short side of the stick, but i don't tell him that. If he wanted it then he wants it, and I don't think it was nice to say I was a retard to buy something I have wanted for a long time. sry i am just venting a little lol

I went to efy, and it was fun. I went in san antonio so it was not as expensive as going to utah, but you still get the same experience.

Everyone needs to play runescape...or wow (world of warcraft)
I think runescape is a little more fun, but thats mainly cuz i have been playing it longer and all my friends play runescape. I got one of my friends to play wow, but not a lot of other people like him. lol

well i think that pretty much covers everything.

Monday, April 23, 2007

sad post

one of my friends died a few days ago. He was a really cool guy and was really funny. On the night of the prom he got drunk and left the after party. He was walking around the lake thats like 5 feet away from my house and fell in it. Nobody knew where he was. They had helicopters and search partys all around the lake. One night a fisherman found a dead body floating above the water. It was my friend. Not only was he drunk, but he also took 3 sleeping pills.

So lets have a recap of my wonderful first year of high school
one kid died in a car wreck
another drowned
3 kids were beatin up in a bathroom
1 kid was beatin up so bad he started to pee blood and went to the hospital

so yeah, its been a year to remember

Thursday, March 29, 2007


wow i made a new post.
I want to see tmnt sooo bad; everyone says it's really good. I also can't wait till transformers comes out! oh man they just keep commin out with better movies every year

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am goin to EFY i am excited. its gonna be lots of fun. It was really hard to get in, but it will be worth it

i gotta do hw now, sry its so short. i will try posting better stuff next time

Thursday, January 4, 2007

nothin goin on

well i am bored. i got lode runner on my computer. Since I moved from Florida I wanted to get the original game, and then just a couple days ago i decided to just download it off the internet. I put "download Lode Runner" and it gave me a link lol. well see you guys later

this is got to be the best drawing of Masterchief. to cool