Monday, April 23, 2007

sad post

one of my friends died a few days ago. He was a really cool guy and was really funny. On the night of the prom he got drunk and left the after party. He was walking around the lake thats like 5 feet away from my house and fell in it. Nobody knew where he was. They had helicopters and search partys all around the lake. One night a fisherman found a dead body floating above the water. It was my friend. Not only was he drunk, but he also took 3 sleeping pills.

So lets have a recap of my wonderful first year of high school
one kid died in a car wreck
another drowned
3 kids were beatin up in a bathroom
1 kid was beatin up so bad he started to pee blood and went to the hospital

so yeah, its been a year to remember

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Ryan said...

Hey man I know how it is. Here´s my list

First, to little girls died right infront of my eyes in a car wreck, my trainer died and no one still knows why, my aunt Patty died from choking on her food, My mission president went home early becase he has cancer, and guy I did service for in Malaga died of a heart attack.

So your not alone man I know how you feel. You just have to keep moving on. Take care buddy.