Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ugh stats hw

well i cant make this long cuz i got other homework to do (and this is really just something I am doing to stall), but I just wanted to say hey and Welcome back Ryan! I think he left to go back home today and will be home tomorrow. Wow I remember when he left I was thinking about how much older I would be when he got back. I was like "oh, man. IM GONNA HAVE MY PERMIT, AND BE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!" haha well life goes fast


Bob said...

Yeah, we saw Ryan last night. He's doing good, we think he might be a little taller, but he's not going to be nearly as tall as you will be when you are done.

applebiscuit said...

haha really? Thats weird to think about; me being taller than Ryan.

Bob said...

Yup, he really didn't grow all that much, and you have. Vyrl isn't very tall either.